Equality Watch: Influential Liberals in Media

by Melissa Silverstein on January 26, 2009

in Media

arianna-port-280Forbes has just published a list of the top 25 influential liberals in the media.  Women rate four of the slots out of 25.  Give me a break.  Aren’t liberals supposed to be more progressive and in turn more inclusive of everyone including women?  Why aren’t there more influential women in media?  What about some of the women bloggers like Jane Hamsher?  And where are Tina Brown and Katrina vanden heuvel?  What about the women of the View?  Joy Behar totally kicked ass all through the election season.  This list just doesn’t cut it.

The women included are:

2- Arianna Huffington

6- Oprah Winfrey

7- Rachel Maddow

15- Maureen Dowd

The ascent of Rachel Maddow continues at am amazingly breakneck pace.  Hope she can keep up with it all.

The 25 Most Influential Liberals In The U.S. Media (Forbes)


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Ugly Deaf Muslim Punk Gurl! January 26, 2009 at 9:13 AM

Yeah, I think it’s awesome how the Huffington Post which was created by a woman, is very popular nowadays.

I just dislike the gossip pages on their website. It’s so Perez Hilton-ish, ugh.

Sarah TX January 26, 2009 at 9:43 AM

That list was ridiculous no matter how you slice it. Andrew Sullivan was on the list, even though he self-identifies as conservative, because he is also gay. Apparantly in Forbes’ book, the two qualifiers for “liberal” are 1. Against the war in Iraq (welcome to liberal-hood, Sen. Ron Paul!) and 2. Homosexual.

I wonder if they’ll extend the Cloak of Liberalness to conservative women who are privately pro-choice, like Kay Baily Hutchensen.

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