The Big Movies of 2010 – Very Few Women Centric Films

by Melissa Silverstein on February 15, 2010

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At the end of 2009 the big story was the fact that women are the new “men” at the box office, so to speak.  The news was that women are now making films successful at the box office.  I have always believed — and written a lot about — women as a viable market for films.  But Hollywood has a short memory, and if you lose momentum you are a fluke.  The Wrap has a piece this week about “The Rise of the Female Driven Blockbuster” talking again about the box office numbers of The Blind Side, The Proposal and It’s Complicated (which has made $176 million worldwide.)   Hollywood is also taking notice of the success of Dear John a $25 million budgeted movie that opened at $30 million and was driven by women.

So based on what happened, even just last week, 2010 should be a great year for women at the box office.  Right? The problem is based on an early overview of the of the big films coming out this year, very few are targeted at women and even fewer have female leads.

Based on a list from CNN, of 25 big blockbusters coming out this year only 3 have women as the leads.  Moviefone looked at the top 50 of the year and only 5 are women led (and one is animated.)

Here they are:

Sex and the City 2 – May 28

Eclipse– the third film in the Twilight saga- June 30

Salt– Angelina Jolie kicks ass- August

Eat Pray Love– Julia Roberts as Elizabeth Gilbert- August 13

Rapunzel– animated- Novemever 24

(I also might list Alice in Wonderland that opens in March, but we all know the star of the film is Johnny Depp)

That’s not a lot of love for women.

On the one hand, I love that women are being taken seriously at the box office, but if you want to build on the successes of 2009 you need to give us films we want to go and see.  I worry that women will get blamed again for “not going to the movies” based on all the male centric and male targeted films coming out this year.

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Katie February 15, 2010 at 11:03 AM

Female centric films yes but how many of these women are big box office draws. Jolie, Bullock, Roberts, and now maybe Streep finally. And maybe Kristen Stewart for the younger girls due to her success in Twilight. So 2 out of the 5 are not in films this year, and 3 of them are. Add Sex and the City to that. So are there actually less in 2010 then there were in 2009? 2009 had J&J, New Moon, It’s Complicated, The Blind Side, The Proposal 2010 has Sex and the City, Twilight part 3, Eat Pray Love, Salt, and the annimated Rupunzel.

What I’d be more interested in is how many tier 2 female centered films are coming out because that could be where some of the surprises like a Precious may come from.

And haven’t we already had a couple of romcoms out this year, Leap Year and Dear John?

Thomai in L.A. (it rhymes) February 15, 2010 at 11:09 AM

here’s a bright side way to look at it:
On the bright side, that means more women will be looking to the independent films for their female centric fix.

Katie February 15, 2010 at 11:22 AM

I just don’t I guess see this as dire straits. 2 of the 5 top female box office draws, Streep and Bullock each had 2 films out last year and have both decided to take time off. Streep’s 2 movies were top box office draws and 2 of Bullocks were. And who is left in terms of women who is a huge draw.Had Jolie and Roberts each made 2 films also as headliners, we’d probably be talking a diff story.

As I said I’m more interested in those smaller films that might catch fire. I’m particularly interested in the Benning/Moore film.

CC February 15, 2010 at 4:33 PM

I LOVE that you wrote about this, and I hope people read it. This has been a problem for awhile, and I’m hoping that the major reason why 2010 is lacking is a lag time in production, and that 2011 will be great. Who can carry a film? Well, let’s give some films to women as leads and find out! Why aren’t we seeing more of our Oscar-winning women of the last decade headlining films on their own, instead of being second to men? Some of these women we’re seeing in films – Meryl Streep, most notably – have been box office draws for years now, but they’ve still been stuck in roles for films targeted to men. THAT is the problem, not that we don’t have enough women who can carry a film.

Chris Evans February 15, 2010 at 5:12 PM

Eh, none of those films interest me except maybe Eat, Pray, Love. I was mildly interested in “Salt” until I saw the trailer which looked terrible.

Candace February 21, 2010 at 11:59 AM

What about the Runaways movie starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning?

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