Loving Tilda Swinton

by Melissa Silverstein on June 22, 2010

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I didn’t write that much about I Am Love. Just a short review last week.  I did like the film and one thing that I wanted to point out is the great relationship Tilda has with her daughter. Both mother and daughter are coming to terms with themselves, who they are, and it is a very interesting part of the film.

If you are a Tilda fan you should check out this great Cinematical interview. Here’s my favorite part:

It seems like you will be a dame one day.

Swinton: A dame? I’d so much rather be a knight.

But what would you think of becoming a dame? Would that mean something to you?

Swinton: It would, of course, be a great honor to be asked whether one would. I don’t know. But I think Sir Tilda sounds so much better.

Do you think knights have more fun than dames?

Swinton: Knights get to have Ladies. I don’t think sweet hearts of dames get anything. Like David Furnish, is he the Lady? Maybe he is.

She continues to push boundaries.  Love that.  I agree, Sir Tilda sounds much better.

The other good news is that Orlando the film she made directed by Sally Potter based on the novel by Virginia Woolf is getting a re-release by Sony Pictures Classics on July 23rd in NY and LA.

Update: I was reminded by @pizzamouth on twitter that Swinton signed the petition in support of Roman Polanski.  Boo on her.  My love is diminished.

Trailer for I Am Love


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