Wonder Woman Finally Loses the Bustier

by Melissa Silverstein on June 30, 2010

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DC Comics today unveiled a new more kick ass and less sexy look for Wonder Woman.  She’s more Lisbeth Salander than Lynda Carter.

J. Michael Straczynski (The Changeling) has reimagined her back story where:

instead of growing up on Paradise Island with her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and her Amazon sisters, is smuggled out as a baby when unknown forces destroy her home and slaughter its inhabitants.

I’m all excited for the reimagining of the character.  The new costume was designed by Jim Lee who seemed to be worked up that he might get asked why he covered up her legs.  Please.

Hey DC- how about hiring some women to create a film with the newly reimagined Wonder Woman?  I have a story idea already.  After years of searching, Wonder Woman finds the people who destroyed her home and exacts her revenge.  Along the way she meets up with other women who were smuggled out and they form a consortium of female crime fighters.

How does that sound?

Here’s some Lynda Carter love:

Makeover for Wonder Woman at 69 (NY Times)


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JihadPunk77 June 30, 2010 at 12:13 PM

the new costume make-over is much better. I also like the new costume make-overs that women got in New X-Men and X-Men Academy, but that was a few years ago.

d June 30, 2010 at 6:01 PM

Actually for Wonder Woman that sounds really bad. DC, like Marvel, like the various independents have plenty of characters (which are either probably wallpaper or dead, or not well utilized) that could fit that darker, vengeful mode. That really doesn’t seem to be what Wonder Woman is about. While she is not Superman, she is closer to Supes than she is to Batman, and even Batman was lightened up a bit in the recent movies (cinematic color palette aside).

Is this for an alternate universe? Because if not, I think this is a wrong move. You mess with the uniform, you mess with the iconic status of the character. That’s why when the new Superman movie was released, the only thing that changed was the hue of the blue & red – and many older fans didn’t even like that. And in order to get around the uniform, the tv series focused on different parts of his life (the young Clark in Smallville, and the news reporter in Lois & Clark).

WW is not like the x-men, who have an established pattern of changing up their uniforms on occassion (although they can stick to general styles and/or colors). But it’s no coincidence that the most recognizeable characters are Wolverine, Cyclops, and Storm. Each one has a specific visual element that never changes regardless of the costume: Cyclops’s visor, Wolverine’s claws, and Storm’s white hair and blue eyes.

On aesthetics alone, it’s a cool looking uniform, so it would be great for an alternate universe. But I would want WW to be recognizeable. So for better or worse, when she does get a movie I want the red boots, the bustier, and the spandex blue bottom – and her origin story.

But I’d love to have female input like a screenwriter or producer. I wouldn’t mind a female director, but I want one who is not foreign to action films (like Alexander, Kusama, or Bigelow).


Anika June 30, 2010 at 7:53 PM

d — It is not for an alternate universe, I suppose it is best described as a “reboot” (though the wide majority expect it will be retconned back to the status quo soon enough).

I like the idea of jumpstarting Diana because she has been stalled far too long. And she’s not Batman or Superman, she’s Wonder Woman. She’s not all about vengeance, no, but she can be vengeful, and dark. Even in the more recent animated film, she *beheaded* Ares. I don’t know, but I am hopeful. I want to read good Wonder Woman comics again and it has been a long drought.

T June 30, 2010 at 9:28 PM

hmmm. I’m a huge fan of Wonder Woman, loved her as she was depicted and felt absolutely no need for her to change appearance. But, I am old and this is likely a change they made for younger audiences…does this mean Superman will stop wearing tights next?

d July 13, 2010 at 5:15 PM

Thanks for the clarification Anika. I’m with T, in that I would agree that Diana does have a dark streak, but I could still see her being dark and wearing her uniform. Just like we don’t change Batman or Superman much, this seems a bit radical – and it’s funny because the last time they radically gave her a costume change (by basically have her wearing no costume), many women didn’t like it.

But I am all for good stories, and I wouldn’t mind it being represented as a symbol of a long, but not absolute change, like Storm in her mohawk days.

But I actually thought Fiona (that’s her name, right?) was doing well on WW. She’s still writing it, right?

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