Cindy Chupack Drops Out as Showrunner of Love Bites

by Melissa Silverstein on July 6, 2010

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This season was already pretty low on the female showrunner and creators and now there is one less female showrunner as Cindy Chupack has resigned the position off the show she created, Love Bites.

And for a variety of reasons including Becki Newton’s pregnancy (which would have been hard to have written into the show since she plays a virgin (really?), and the departure of co-star Jordana Spiro who was still under contract to My Boys (which comes back later this month on TBS) the show has been pushed to a mid-season start.

NBC was clearly very high on the show giving it the plum Thursday, 10pm slot.

Here’s what Chupack said about stepping back from showrunning:

Love Bites is incredibly important to me, and it’s been gratifying that NBC feels the same…Launching an anthology series, which breaks the form in so many ways, is a huge undertaking, and I strongly feel that I can be most helpful not showrunning, but writing…It just became clear that for several reasons, some of them personal, this change (and a little more time) is what we need to launch this show properly.”

I am sure this was not an easy decision at all and I have no idea the personal issues are that caused her to step back. All I know is that while it is great that she is still writing the show that she created and will always be the creator, this just smells bad. This is an experienced TV veteran (Sex and the City, Men and Trees) who knew what she was getting into. To give up control of your show, your baby, that you created, in this manner…very odd.

It also smells bad that NBC wouldn’t take the chance on Jordana Spiro because of her contract with My Boys (which even though I like the show has been on its last legs for some time) and this is really a great next step for this talented actress.

But the word is that they are not going to recast the character which means that they are really going to have to redo the whole show cause from the promo video below it was a show about two women looking for love.

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