Can the Chick Version of Crazy Heart Win Gwyneth Paltrow Her Second Oscar?

by Melissa Silverstein on July 28, 2010

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Just read about this film this morning.  It’s called Country Strong and its written and directed by Shana Feste (The Greatest.)

Here’s the description from imdb:

A drama centered on a rising country-music songwriter (Garrett Hedlund) who sparks with a fallen star (Gwyneth Paltrow). Together, they mount his ascent and her comeback, which leads to romantic complications involving her husband/manager (Tim McGraw, who also played Sandra Bullock’s husband in The Blind Side) and a beauty queen-turned-singer (Leighton Meester).

The distributor should be smart and hire the people who did the campaign for Crazy Heart cause they took that film all the way to an Oscar win  and a domestic gross of almost $40 million.

This is not the first film that features Gwyneth singing.  She co-starred in Duets directed by her dad Bruce Paltrow.

Listen here to the single.  (Sounds pretty good to me.)

Film opens on December 22.

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Virginia July 28, 2010 at 12:57 PM

She sounds as good as anyone currently making a living in country music. If she doesn’t get an Oscar, she may get a Grammy.

d July 28, 2010 at 3:18 PM

It’s interesting that this is titled “chick version of crazy heart”, because that’s exactly what it sounds like: Crazy Heart but retrofitted to fit all the stereotypes people have about women.

1 – Crazy heart was thoroughly about him, was it not? Didn’t he both write and sing his music (I could be wrong on that – I haven’t seen it yet)? This blip seems to either be more about the male songwriter, or a shared starring role between the two.

2 – Bridges was worn, and beaten, and aged. She looks like Taylor Swift in that pic. I know we don’t know much about the plot, but I’d be curious to know what “fallen” means, considering they are going to tie in a love triangle or square.

3 – The additions of the husband manager, and the beauty queen singer. I have at least seen the trailer for Crazy Heart, so maybe my opinion would change if I saw this one, but it just doesn’t seems to have the same force.

I think I could have been more excited about this if the star was an older female actor who looks noticeably older (say Melissa Leo, or Jodi Foster). I could see Melissa Leo do a Bonnie Rait movie in fact – that might be interesting!

I an happy a female is directing it, and for that reason alone I can root for its success. And Gwenyth has a very good voice (I’ve heard her duet with Huey Lewis). But I guess I am really hoping to see a Crazy Heart like movie starring a female – as busted looking and as filled with depth.

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