Sara Gilbert: from Roseanne to Talk Show Creator

by Melissa Silverstein on July 30, 2010

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Now that Comic-Con has ended the excitement for us TV addicts is now focused on the upcoming fall TV season.  This week began the annual dog and pony show TCA (which I’d love to see in person one day) with all the networks rolling out all the new shows that we will be spending way too much of our time watching come September.

One new daytime show on CBS is called The Talk and it is created by none other than Darlene Connor aka Sara Gilbert.  Yes, folks, Darlene is all grown up, has two kids and shocker (or not) she’s a lesbian.

When the news of the show — which features six moms sitting around shooting the shit — hit last week with a standard press release there was some hulabaloo on the interwebs about how all the hosts (Sharon Osbourne, Leah Remini, Holly Robinson Peete and Marissa Jaret Winokur) partners aka husbands were mentioned in the press release and that the same info was missing from Sara Gilbert’s bio.  The shock!  The indignation!  Are they hiding her sexual orientation?

Gilbert herself set the record straight.  She said she didn’t want the first public mention of her partner producer Allison Adler to be in a press release so she asked CBS not to include it.

Now let’s be real, Gilbert’s sexuality is not a big deal.  She’s also not the type of Hollywood star that spends her time in the limelight.  She’s private and be honest have you rarely have seen her other than when she was acting?  No.

But for her this new show — which again, she created and is executive producing and co-hosting — things are a bit different.  She’s not reading from a script, she’s talking about her life, and since we know that Sharon Osbourne will no doubt be talking about Ozzy non-stop, you would think that Gilbert would on occasion mention that the person she lives with is a woman.

Here’s what she said at the press conference for The Talk:

This is a whole new world for me… I’m not an expert on this, or I don’t analyze these things. I’m just sort of living my life. I plan to put my heart and soul into this show, and I plan to continue acting, and I don’t think it will be a problem…Being out, that is.

I don’t ever really think of things as out or in…I just think I am who I am, and when topics come up that are appropriate, I’ll talk about them and share when it seems right.

I’m sure Roseanne is proud.

Sara Gilbert On Her Now-Official Status as a Lesbian: This Is a Whole New World for Me (EW)

TCA Press Tour: Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne target moms with ‘The Talk’ (LA Times)

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T July 30, 2010 at 12:31 PM

I love the way you wrote this- yes, I bet Roseanne is very proud indeed!

Elayne Riggs July 30, 2010 at 1:36 PM

I’d say her sexuality is somewhat relevant in Hollywood not only because it looks weird if the other women talk about their partners and she doesn’t, but because she’s more or less part of a dynasty, as her sister is past president of SAG and highly visible. People in the business are naturally going to take more notice of the Gilberts, as they would any dynasty where the women are highly outspoken and visible (see Drew Barrymore).

slim April 12, 2011 at 2:28 PM

I was really hurt when I heard the news, about her being gay. People like Sara Gilbert and the other hollwood stars, want approval from the world but they don’t have approval from Jesus and will have the final say so. They act like they don’t even have a soul and that soul has a final resting place it’s even heaven or hell. I feel really sorry for her.

VoiceOfSanity December 28, 2011 at 3:59 AM


Jesus isn’t real. And neither is Batman or Santa Claus (in case you didn’t know).

Gay is real and if it “hurts” you to know that, you’re an oversensitive bitch!

mary gillespy January 12, 2012 at 2:50 PM

how dare THE TALK blast the travesty of bryan ferrys marriage..he is a personal friend, and is being blackmailed..know your facts before making fun of mr ferry… deal in facts…

randy January 19, 2012 at 3:25 PM

I think Sara Gilbert is a class act. I do not necessarily believe in the lifestyle she has chosen I have daughters of my own and if she were my daughter I would be proud of her she is a good lady.

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