The Guardian’s Film Power 100 List

by Melissa Silverstein on September 24, 2010

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As the fall movie season gets into full swing, The Guardian in England put out a list of the most powerful people in the film business.  It’s clearly not the same as a list that would come out of the US, but one thing it has in common — it is pretty much dominated by the dudes.

There are no women in the top 10, and the first female on the list is Angelina Jolie at 18, while her partner Brad Pitt clocks in at 5.  While I don’t want to “pit” them against each other and I do know that Brad has a busy production company, I don’t get him at 5 and her at 18.

You gotta take this list with a bit of a grain of salt since its got Keira Knightley with more power than a person like Ari Emmanuel, and no offense to Sofia Coppola but to think she has more power than Kathryn Bigelow whose name is now on the short list for every directing gig in Hollywood just makes no sense to me. Read below how the compiled the list.

Here are the ladies:

18) Angelina Jolie, Actor: Salt, Changeling, A Mighty Heart
22) Amy Pascal and Jeff Blake, Studio executives: Co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and vice-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment
29) Kate Winslet, Actor: The Reader, Revolutionary Road, Titanic
30) Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson, Producers: Goldeneye, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace
33) Tessa Ross, Commissioning executive: Controller of film and drama, Channel 4
36) Christine Langan Commissioning executive: Creative director, BBC Films
38) Keira Knightley, Actor: Never Let Me Go, Atonement, Pride & Prejudice
58) Tracey Jacobs, Agent: Co-head of Talent, United Talent Agency
62) Claudia Winkelman, TV personality: Presenter of Film 2010
64) Sofia Coppola, Director: Somewhere, Lost in Translation
66) Tilda Swinton, Actor: We Need to Talk About Kevin, I Am Love, Michael Clayton
70) Clare Binns, Film Programmer: Programming-Director of City Screen
74) Kristin Scott Thomas, Actor: I’ve Loved You So Long, Leaving, Nowhere Boy, The English Patient
83) Kathryn Bigelow, Director: The Hurt Locker, Point Break
90) Nikki Finke, Web Entrepreneur: Editor in chief of
93) Janet Pierson, Programmer: Head of Film programming, SXSW
96) Jane Goldman, Writer: Stardust, Kick-Ass
99) Catharine des Forges, Distributor: Director of the Independent Cinema Office

Here’s some of the thinking behind how the list was created:

The first question we had to think about was what sort of “power” are we talking about? Money talks in the film industry, so did we want to list the top earners, or the biggest budgets, or largest companies? But what sort of power did that represent? We felt it was vital for our list to reflect cultural impact as well as economic; some people may be massively wealthy, bathing every day in gold-dust-infused champagne, but haven’t made a relevant film in decades.

Film Power 100: the full list
(The Guardian)


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Linda Wasson September 24, 2010 at 8:01 PM

Checking’s list of producer credits for Brad and Jolie, one can easily see why he’s listed so far ahead of her. But hey, that would be too easy and not necessarily food for the masses that you hope to enrage, right? So much easier than trying to inspire – which if you had, instead, taken note of Ms. Jolie’s position and how many incredible people she’s ahead of, well, now that might have been something positive to say – so why not mention it? She’s ahead of Martin Scorcese, for goodness’ sake! That’s incredible! Brad Pitt works hard at his job and deserves the acknowledgement he receives so if you don’t want to compare them, then don’t. It’s simply amazing enough to some of us that they manage to maintain such stability in their relationship which is surely a miracle in and of itself.

All that aside, instead of ragging on the Guardian, how about composing a list yourself, complete with data and explanations, pertaining to the top 100 women in film? It can be an annual item all your own – much more inspiring and empowering, IMO, than telling us all what’s wrong with other people’s list just because it’s not what we’d like to see.

Marian September 26, 2010 at 5:14 PM

And here’s a feminist alternative, from Campbell X: Love it.

Katherine September 27, 2010 at 8:23 PM

Yeah. I would have added some names to this list. And what does powerful mean? I feel like it means influence. That means you need a lot of money and a lot of respect. I definitely don’t know about a lot of the people listed, but then again, I’m not making any deals with them either.

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