Monthly Archives: March 2011

Preview for The Killing

This show is created by Veena Sud who did Cold Case and it is based on a Danish show. The show stars Mireille Enos (Big Love) and the pilot was directed by Patty Jenkins who directed Charlize Theron in Monster. … Continue reading

The Help at Cinema Con

As usual, it’s going to be a quiet summer for women centric films from the studios. The big studio film that will target the female demographic is The Help. Dreamworks brought in several members of the cast including Viola Davis, … Continue reading

Mr. Dodd Goes to Las Vegas

Chris Dodd, former Senator from Connecticut, took over as Hollywood’s chief lobbyist as the head of the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) about 10 days ago. Keep in mind that the former Senator is barred from lobbying himself for … Continue reading

The Power of Film — UK Film Council Report

As the UK’s Film Council sadly goes out of business this week, but before they departed they produced a comprehensive report on diversity and stereotypes with lots of information to digest. The report focuses on minority audiences in British cinema … Continue reading

Reese Witherspoon Drops Out of Brave

This film is still making news. First they get rid of Brenda Chapman who was first female to direct a Pixar movie. The EW story says she will have co-directing credit. now, they lost Reese Witherspoon who was to have voiced … Continue reading