Monthly Archives: August 2011

Zoe Saldana Kicks Ass in Colombiana

Here’s the thing about Columbiana the new film that stars Zoe Saldana that opens tomorrow, the only thing that makes it different from any other action film is that the killer is a woman. That’s it. It is a revenge … Continue reading

Women Lose Ground as TV Writers

TV is supposed to be better than the movies for women creatives. It is supposed to be the place where women are taken seriously because we watch TV and we buy the things that are advertised on TV. TV shows … Continue reading

The Women of The Debt

Love this photo. The Debt tells the story behind the search for one of the Holocaust’s deadliest butchers and the secrets behind that search. Helen Mirren plays a Mossad agent and Jessica Chastain plays her as a younger woman. Film … Continue reading