Monthly Archives: September 2011

On the Road

I am heading to Bucharest, Romania to be on the jury of the Romania International Film Festival. Will check in with reports from there.

A Snow White Who Kicks Ass

Here is a cool shot of Kristen Stewart from Snow White and the Huntsman. She looks like she is ready to kick some serious butt. New ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ pics: Kristen Stewart’s on a horse (EW)

The Bridesmaids Effect

Can one successful film about women really change Hollywood’s mind about women? Could it be that Bridesmaids is really the movie to usher in a new era of change where the films that came before failed? We’ve seen multitudes of … Continue reading

Roman Polanski In Our Faces Again

I don’t know why I feel obsessed by this story, but I am. In some ways I feel it is my feminist duty to remind people every time this guy gets the adoring press he always does that he is … Continue reading

Check out a Scene from Butter

Film will be released on October 21