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The Guardian: What Salma Hayek’s Weinstein story reveals about Hollywood power and pay

The Guardian: The Golden Globes have ignored female directors. In the year of #MeToo, this won’t wash

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BBC News: “Justice League”: Laying bare the row over ‘skimpy’ costumes

Los Angeles Times: What about the sexual harassment stories we’re not hearing?

Los Angeles Times: Louis C.K. scandal leads to scrutiny of the comedy world power of his ex-manager Dave Becky

The New York Times: California Today: Hollywood Stars Uniting to Fight Sexual Harassment

The Guardian: Other stories: why now is the time for a new movie canon – chosen by women

The New York Times: Talk of Weinstein Dominates Women’s Ceremony in a Hollywood ‘Unmoored’

The Nation: Actresses—and Millions of Other Workers—Have No Federal Sexual-Harassment Protections

Financial Times: Hollywood’s masculinity problem — the full picture

ABC News: How Hollywood’s casting couch culture may have contributed to Weinstein’s alleged behavior

Refinery29: Have Things Really Gotten Better For Women In Hollywood? Melissa Silverstein Weighs In

AP: In Weinstein’s downfall, a moment of reckoning for Hollywood

The Guardian: ‘We’re all complicit’: Were the Harvey Weinstein allegations an open secret?

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ABC News: Is the pay gap between men and women in Hollywood growing?

The New York Times: In a Body-Positive Moment, Why Does Hollywood Remain Out of Step?

Paste Magazine: Amplifying the Female Voices of “Film Twitter” at Comic-Con 2017

Variety: As ‘Wonder Woman’ Soars, Movies Starring Men Fail to Connect at Box Office

Forbes: How Hollywood’s Agencies Are Trying To Fix The Diversity Problem

USA Today: Why women-led comedies can’t get no respect

Refinery29: With The Success Of Wonder Woman, Hollywood Is Out Of Excuses

Real Clear Life: ‘Wonder Woman’ Director’s Success May Rewrite Script for Female Filmmakers

Reuters: ‘Wonder Woman’ conquering Box Office a sign Hollywood sexism outdated?

TheWrap: What Patty Jenkins’ ‘Wonder Woman’ Success Means for Women in Hollywood

FiveThirtyEight: Three Reasons ‘Wonder Woman’ Has Already Made History

AP: ‘Wonder Woman’ director finds herself in rare summer role

The Stage: Oliviers 2017: Mark Shenton – Do the Olivier Awards need a rethink?

The Guardian: MTV scraps gender-specific categories for movie & TV awards

Washington Post: Aaron Sorkin, reportedly unaware of Hollywood’s diversity problem, had many chances to become aware

Women’s Media Center: Could ReFrame be a game-changer for women in Hollywood?

The Jakarta Post: Why I stand with Brie Larson at this year’s Oscars

Girl Talk HQ: FEMINIST FRIDAY: Women’s Work Isn’t Done In Hollywood Yet, & Women Unite In ‘No More Silhouettes’ Music Video

TheWrap: Happy Women’s Day, Hollywood: Disney, Fox Have No Female Directors on This Year’s Movies

Yahoo Movies: IWD 2017: Things are improving for female filmmakers, but there’s no time for complacency

The Irish Times: Irish film and TV urged to move away from ‘boys club’ culture


Fast Company: Walmart’s Oscar Ads Were a Great Idea That Ultimately Flopped

The Guardian: Did #OscarsSoWhite work? Looking beyond Hollywood’s diversity drought

AP: Oscars still lagging in female and minority representation

The Mary Sue: Women and Hollywood Put a Spin on The Hamilton Mixtape to Talk About Representation and Work to Be Done

BBC: Critics reveal the film they want to win best picture

IFTN: New Horizons Colloquium 2017 to hold National Conversation on Women in Irish Film & Television

Limerick Post: Mary I seminar will broaden horizons for women in film

USA Today: Why are some people peeved about Casey Affleck’s Oscar nomination?

USA Today: Oscar nominations 2017: Diversity is not a simple black-or-white issue

Washington Post: A movie about three black female mathematicians is beating Affleck and Scorsese at the box office

Christian Science Monitor: How hundreds of girls are seeing ‘Hidden Figures’ for free

Vanity Fair: D.G.A. to Hollywood: Nate Parker Lives


Marie Claire: Hollywood Scandals: Why Men Crush Them and Women Are Crushed by Them

Crave: Kathleen Kennedy Says Female Directors Don’t Have Enough Experience for ‘Star Wars’

LA Times: Gender and race issues are slowly fading as more filmmakers consider three key tests

LA Times: Hollywood’s culture of sexual harassment is finally making headlines

NBC: Geena Davis Wants to Solve Hollywood’s Gender Gap Problem With New Tech Tool

The Toronto Star: If #OscarsSoWhite, what about TIFF?

USA Today: Why men make more than women in Hollywood

Toronto Star: Selma director Ava DuVernay joins the $100-million club in breakthrough for women of colour

EW: Ava DuVernay is the first woman of color to direct a $100 million film

Take Part: What Black Directors Think of Ava DuVernay’s ‘Wrinkle in Time’ Budget Bonanza

Indiewire: Ava DuVernay Continues To Break Hollywood Barriers, and She’s The Perfect Person To Do It – Girl Talk

Screencrush: Ava DuVernay Will Be the First Woman of Color to Direct a 100 Million Dollar Film

Time: Ava DuVernay is the First African-American Woman to Direct a $100 Million Film

Quartz: For the first time, an African-American woman is directing a $100 million film

The Guardian: Ava DuVernay becomes first woman of color to direct a $100m film

Twitter Moments: Ava DuVernay makes history & breaks barriers with next film

Vulture: With A Wrinkle in Time, Ava DuVernay Is the First Woman of Color to Direct a Live-Action $100 Million Movie

The Independent: Ava DuVernay to become first black woman to direct $100m film

NY Mag: Ava DuVernay Just Broke a Major Hollywood Glass Ceiling

Awards Daily: Ava DuVernay Hits Historic Milestone – First African American Woman to Direct a $100 Million Film

LA Times: With ‘A Wrinkle In Time,’ Ava DuVernay will pass a milestone

The Hollywood Reporter: ‘Ghostbusters’ Co-Writer Reveals Stories Behind Cameos, Kate McKinnon’s Character

Film Journal: ‘Ghostbusters’ scribe Katie Dippold talks fan backlash, new Amy Schumer/Goldie Hawn comedy


Pop Culture Confidential: Episode 46: Melissa Silverstein & Matt Zoller Seitz

The Atlantic: Why Hollywood Doesn’t Tell More Stories for—and About—Girls

NY Mag: A Tarantino-Produced Film Put Out a Casting Call for ‘Whores’

Vanity Fair: Cringeworthy Hollywood Casting Call Seeks “Whores for Quentin Tarantino Project“

The Guardian: Quentin Tarantino-produced film posts casting call for ‘whores’

Refinery29: Quentin Tarantino Project Seeks “Whores” In Facebook Casting Call

Mic: Quentin Tarantino Project Looks for “Whores” in Facebook Casting Call

The Guardian: How Disney’s princesses got tough

Variety: It’s About Trusting the Vision of Women

The Guardian: As Cannes closes, a new breed of female lead emerges: empowered, careerist –and ‘gender-neutral’

Daily Mail: Sean Penn’s film The Last Face is savaged at Cannes and leaves audiences laughing and BOOING

MetroUK: Cannes 2016: Critics are betting on this black actress getting an Oscar for Loving performance

AP: In Woody Allen, media and moviegoers again confront ambiguity

Washington Post: On Woody Allen and his fans’ and moviegoers’ continuing moral conundrum Sean Penn’s new film draws unintended laughs, boos at Cannes

Flavorwire: Meet the Men Who Get to Direct Mainstream Movies

The Cut: Two Major Hollywood Studios Have No Female Directors Through 2018

The Wrap: 20th Century Fox, Paramount Have No Female Directors Through 2018

The Hollywood Reporter: Cannes: After 2015’s ‘Year de la Femme,’ Women Directors Fall Short Again

Kering: Changing the Story

Variety: Women Must Demand to Reshape the Media’s Take on the Ideal Femme

Thompson on Hollywood: Melissa Silverstein’s Women and Hollywood Heads for Medium (Exclusive)

Huffington Post: Nia Vardalos’ 8-Year-Old Walked Out Of A Movie That Didn’t Have ‘Enough Girls’

USA Today: Stars speak out about sexism in Hollywood but nothing seems to change

Reuters: How ‘Blackfish’ helped end SeaWorld’s killer whale programs

NPR: In Conversation About Diversity In Hollywood, Where Does Sundance Fit In?

Power to Fly: Women and Hollywood Channel Adele Because #OscarsSoMale

Money: Why You Should Care About the Hollywood Wage Gap

Thompson on Hollywood: WATCH: With Adele’s Help, Women and Hollywood Cleverly Lampoons #OscarsSoMale

Glamour: New #OscarsSoWhite Video Calls on the Academy to Address Diversity Issue

AP: #HollywoodSoWhite: Study confirms racial and gender bias in TV and movies (+video)

Indiewire: Exclusive: Project Greenlight Digital Studios is Launching Brand New Advisory Board

The Star: #OscarsSoWhite? Fans decry lack of diversity in Oscars nominations

Fusion: What Making a Murderer Reveals About Women and Hollywood

Highbrow Magazine: The Female Takeover of Hollywood? Soon, But Not Yet.


Women Transforming Media: Interview with My Hero Project

Variety: The Curious Case of the Women Missing in Film Criticism

Evening Standard: Make way for the sci-fragettes: how sci-fi films like Star Wars are breaking the female stereotype

Sight and Sound Magazine: Best Films of 2015

Interview with Red Elephant Foundation


NY Post: Why more women are getting film roles meant for men

The Wrap: Jennifer Lawrence’s Essay on Gender Pay Disparity in Hollywood Ignites Social Media Debate

Cosmopolitan: What “Selma” Director Ava DuVernay Thinks About That Controversial “Suffragette” T-Shirt

NY Magazine: To Get More Women on TV, We Need More in TV

Dame: Is Hollywood Having a Feminist Sexual Awakening?

Interview with Ravishly

The Guardian: The real Hollywood scandal: why Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie and other female stars get ripped off

Refinery29: Here’s What We’re Excited For At The Toronto International Film Festival

Mashable: How do so many white, male indie directors leap to big blockbusters?

USA Today: Does Hollywood have an issue with women?

NY Times: ‘Jurassic World’ Puts Colin Trevorrow in the Driver’s Seat

ET Canada: Stars Speak Out Against Cannes’ High-Heel Policy

Chicago Tribune: Why are we talking more about women’s shoes than women’s work at Cannes?

Hollywire: Emily Blunt Addresses Strict Heel Policy at Cannes Film Festival

Deseret News: Hollywood’s ‘women problem’ is on peak display, and there’s a rather simple solution

Christian Science Monitor: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’: Why are anti-feminists so angry about action film? (+video)

MTV: ‘Change Is Essential’: Female Directors React To The ACLU’s Push For Civil Rights

NY Post: Marvel and its sexist superhero movies hit a new low

Mother Jones: Dear Marvel and Sony: We Love Movies for Their Kick-Ass Female Heroes, Too, You Jerks

Washington Post: Act FourThe strong feminism behind Black Widow, and why the critiques don’t stand up

Refinery29: Hollywood Spends Millions On Blockbusters — Except For The Ones Starring Women

Quartz: Meryl Streep’s inspiring solution to Hollywood’s ageism problem might actually work

Think Progress: Will We Ever Get A ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie?



Interview with Le Deuxieme Regard

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Cinemablend: How Charlize Theron Used The Sony Hack To Make Millions

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Jezebel: Here Are Your 2015 Golden Globe Nominations

Reel Screen: IDFA ’14: Female directors champion Bechdel test for docs

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Daily Beast: Will There Ever Be a ‘Good Wife’ Effect on Politics?

Salon: Hollywood’s gender inertia: Why there are so few female directors

Slate: Celebrity Feminist Identification Has Reached Peak Meaninglessness

Washington Post: ‘Are you a feminist?’ — the question more and more female celebrities are asked

FilmDoo Interview with Melissa Silverstein

International Business Times: Welcome To The Gunn Show: How Nicole Perlman Is Being Written Out Of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

Jezebel: Snow White Dropped from the Snow White and the Huntsman Sequel

Jezebel: This Infographic on Women Directors in Hollywood Is Totally Depressing

Ms in the Biz: Changing the Narrative Landscape Frauen in der Filmbranche: “Wir sind stinksauer” (Women in the film industry: “We are mad as hell”)

Huffington Post:  Why Are There So Few Women Behind the Camera?

Al Jazeera: Nominated for the Oscars but failing the Bechdel sexism test


NY Observer: The Bechdel Test Proves Hollywood is a Boys’ Town

The Guardian: No sexism please, we’re Swedish – films classified by representation of women

Forbes: The 100 Best Websites for Women

Ultimo Segundo: Por trás das câmeras, mulheres lutam por oportunidades iguais em Hollywood

El Pais: La arruga invade Hollywood

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Emma: Cannes kann’s nicht: Silverstein über Frauenmangel in Cannes

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HitFix: Women and Oscar

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Jezebel: Twilight Screenwriter Reflects on the Series’ Power in Hollywood

The Guardian: Bella beats Bond as Twilight movie topples Skyfall from box-office peak

The Guardian: Cannes 2012: Palme d’Or diversity debate rumbles on with new petition

Huffington Post: Cannes 2012 Sexist? Lack Of Woman Directors In Competition Spurs Outrage

The Hollywood Reporter: Cannes 2012: 700 Protesters Sign Petition Demanding More Women Directors


NY Post: Winona Takes Flight

Interview – International Women’s Film Festival – Dortmund | Cologne, Germany

The Australian: Something More Than a Chick Flick

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