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“Writer and activist Melissa Silverstein – founder and editor of the Women and Hollywood initiative – is arguably the most influential critic of gender issues in contemporary cinema.”

Andrew Pulver in The Guardian; How Disney’s princesses got tough 

“I couldn’t have written POLITICAL ANIMALS: THE NEW FEMINIST CINEMA without Women & Hollywood. The book just couldn’t have existed, period. Not only is W&H a treasure trove of information, including outstanding interviews with women filmmakers at festivals, it’s also a colleague, a comrade and a friend. With so few high-profile women working in film criticism, Melissa and her team offer the sense we’ve reached critical mass in the conversation, that we have each others’ backs — that, as a female and feminist film critic, I’m not speaking alone or to myself, but with an ever-growing community. There’s nothing more essential than that.”

Sophie Mayerauthor- Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema

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