Women and Hollywood Website Redesign

Women and Hollywood is looking to redesign womenandhollywood.com. The key goal is to integrate the blog, which is now on Medium at blog.womenandhollywood.com.


  • Modernize the home page
  • Make the blog visible
  • Keep the pages
  • Make the archives more visible
  • Create a Members Only section
  • Create location to accept Google ads as well as the ability to include ads/sponsorship that are sold in house.

This site will be built in WordPress.

Issues for the blog

Multiple people work on the blog. We love the look of Medium and also like a lot of its functionality. We would like to make sure that we incorporate the following items, which Medium also offers, in the redesign:

  • Tags/sections
  • Bios
  • Scheduling
  • A queue that shows the order posts have been scheduled in
  • Ability to share unpublished drafts 
  • Ability to click on the author’s name and see all of their published posts
  • Letters — this is a function of Medium which allows you to communicate directly with the people who follow you. This list is different from our subscriber list which receives our weekly email.

We would also like the following items, which Medium does NOT currently offer:

  • Better search functionality
  • Ability to sort search results by date (month/year) — or even the option to view search results in chronological order
  • Ability post/embed different types of video links beyond you tube and vimeo
  • Ability to list more than one author on collaborative posts  
  • Better analytics
  • Good social integration

If you’re interested in submitting a redesign proposal, please contact Melissa Silverstein at melissa@womenandhollywood.com.