Inspirational Women in Theater To Be Celebrated By London’s Tonic Theatre

Tonic Theatre is launching an event to honor women in theater. The inaugural celebration will take June 22 at the Ambassadors Theater in London, England.

Lucy Kerbel, Tonic’s director, will moderate a discussion with a group of women working in different areas of theater. Among the topics of conversation will be their careers and inspirations. Participants include Paule Constable, an award-winning lighting designer, Indhu Rubasingham, the artistic director of the Tricycle Theatre, and Jessica Swale, a playwright. An audience Q&A will follow the discussion.

Tonic Theatre was launched with the goal of working towards achieving greater gender equality in theater. Women are underrepresented in U.S. theater, too, especially in most design fields.

Kerbel stated, “Tonic Theatre spends a great deal of time focused on challenging the lack of women at senior level in the industry, but we also think it’s important to celebrate the success stories. That’s why we’re launching Tonic Celebrates, where we shine a spotlight on the success and achievements of women at the top of their game.”

She continued, “There’s a plethora of outstanding women who are at the forefront of UK theater and we want to help share their inspirational stories. By joining us at Tonic Celebrates you will not only hear from some of the industry’s leading practitioners, but you will be supporting Tonic to continue its important work tackling gender inequality in theater.”

Ticket prices begin at £5 (about $7.50 USD) and can be purchased via Ambassadors’ website.