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Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story (Documentary) – Directed by Alexandra Dean (Opens in NY November 24)

Austrian actress Hedy Lamarr fled an oppressive marriage to create a name for herself as one of Hollywood’s top leading ladies in the 1940s. Behind the glamour and sex appeal, though, was a talented and inquisitive inventor who created a radio system that is now considered the basis of Bluetooth technology. (Press materials)

Read Women and Hollywood’s interview with Alexandra Dean.

Find screening info here.

Barbra: The Music… The Mem’ries… The Magic! (Documentary) – Co-Directed by Barbra Streisand (Available on Netflix)

Iconic songstress Barbra Streisand culminates her 13-city tour in Miami with dazzling ballads, Broadway standards, and stories from behind the scenes. (Press materials)


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The Breadwinner – Directed by Nora Twomey; Written by Anita Doron and Deborah Ellis
A Fantastic Woman
Big Sonia (Documentary) – Co-Directed by Leah Warshawski

Mr. Roosevelt – Written and Directed by Noël Wells

Soufra (Documentary)
On the Beach at Night Alone
Tumhari Sulu
Nails (Also Available on VOD)

Gold Star – Written and Directed by Victoria Negri (Also Available on VOD)
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Lady Bird – Written and Directed by Greta Gerwig
Wait for Your Laugh (Documentary)
The Light of the Moon – Written and Directed by Jessica M. Thompson
A Bad Moms Christmas
Mansfield 66/67 (Documentary)

Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami (Documentary) – Directed by Sophie Fiennes
Félicité – Co-Written by Delphine Zingg
The Divine Order – Written and Directed by Petra Volpe
Novitiate – Written and Directed by Margaret Betts
Tragedy Girls
Jane (Documentary)

I Am Not a Witch – Written and Directed by Rungano Nyoni
Happy Death Day

The Florida Project
Dina (Documentary)
My Little Pony: The Movie – Co-Written by Meghan McCarthy and Rita Hsiao

Chavela (Documentary) – Directed by Catherine Gund and Daresha Kyi
Battle of the Sexes – Co-Directed by Valerie Faris
Victoria & Abdul
Friend Request
Dolores (Documentary)
Tulip Fever

Leap! – Co-Written by Carol Noble
The Teacher

Maudie – Directed by Aisling Walsh; Written by Sherry White
Lost in Paris – Co-Written and Co-Directed by Fiona Gordon