Trailer Watch: Kathy Bates Calls Melissa McCarthy Every Name in the Book in ‘The Boss’ Spot

The BossAfter transforming from mousy assistant to formidable agent in "Spy," Melissa McCarthy is all brass and bluster in "The Boss." 

McCarthy plays Michelle Darnell, the self-proclaimed wealthiest woman in America. Even her Trump-ian wealth can’t buy her friends, though, which is why in the new red-band trailer for the comedy, Michelle’s former mentor, played by Kathy Bates, calls her ex-protege the nastiest things she can think of — during an on-air interview, no less. 

"The Boss" finds Michelle moving in with her beaten-down subordinate (Kristen Bell) after a short stint in prison for insider trading. Her reputation in shreds but her hyper-confidence intact, Michelle’s just waiting to make her entrepreneurial comeback. She spots an opportunity hawking brownies among the local Girl Scouts group — though not if a local PTA mom (Annie Mumolo) and a rival sweets-selling group has anything to say about it. (Michelle definitely has lots of foul, vulgar things to say about it.) 

Co-written by McCarthy, "The Boss" co-stars Kristen Schaal, Cecily Strong and Margo Martindale and opens April 8, 2016.