Watch: Journalist-Activists Film From Inside the Women’s Movement in ‘Here Come the Videofreex’

Here Come the VideofreexIn 1969, the invention of the portable video camera led to a group of independent journalists calling themselves the Videofreex (freex is pronounced like "freaks") recording various branches of the counterculture that weren’t being covered by mainstream TV news. Those journalists’ story — which is really about the democratization of the camera and of TV news — is chronicled in Jenny Raskin and Jon Nealon’s new documentary "Here Come the VIdeofreex."

Rarely for the time, the Videofreex were made up of men and women on equal footing. In our exclusive clip from the doc below, one female interviewee observes, "We all learned at the same time. Nobody knew how to do it, so the guys didn’t have an edge." 

Among the Videofreex’s achievements were rare and timely interviews with such important counterculture figures as Abbie Hoffman and Black Panther Fred Hampton, as well as footage of the Woodstock music festival. Some of the female Videofreex members also filmed public scenes of second-wave feminism from within the movement and marches, as you can see in the clip below.  

 "Here Come The Videofreex" opens on March 9. Watch the film’s trailer below.