Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Iron Lady

As a person who cares about women’s leadership, The Iron Lady should be a no-brainer. A film with an AMAZING tour-de-force performance by Meryl Streep playing a woman who was the longest serving Prime Minister in the western world. She … Continue reading

Rooney Mara to Cover EW

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo hasn’t opened at the level that Sony would have liked, just $27 million in 6 days of release, (see Thompson on Hollywood analysis of what went wrong) but it goes without saying that the … Continue reading

Pariah — written and directed by Dee Rees

Most of this review was written after screening the film at the Toronto Film Festival. It has been augmented. The movie is just so good. Well written, well acted, emotional, devastating and liberating. I gotta say that Dee Rees is … Continue reading